Troubleshoot event-streaming applications with confidence

With application data observability from Neblic, you can monitor your application's inputs, outputs, and everything in between to better understand bugs and get alerted when something goes wrong.

Understand every point of your streaming application

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Sample Application Data

Use Neblic's Sampler integrations to get data from different points of interest in your application. Relevant Kafka Topics, 3rd party APIs or key microservices that you'd want to keep tabs on, and to keep your production enviroment under control.

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Analyze and set custom checks

Having all the data under a single pane of glass allows you quickly find the issue, and find where it started. 3rd party API changed its schema? Service update that broke a transformation? Find what, where and when.

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Troubleshoot and Resolve

Once you've identified root cause, you can start testing a solution. With Neblic also deployed in Dev or Stage enviroments, you can even compare results in real time between enviroments. Find, fix, compare, ship.

What is Application Data Observability?

Is your application doing what it's supposed to do?

Data observability allows you to monitor your application to ensure it is functioning correctly by looking at the actual application data. This enables any developer or DevOps to better troubleshoot a service misbehaving and finding out root cause, even if they don't have expertise into that part of the application.

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Monitor every point

Having a single view of your application through a single pane of glass enables anyone to understand each service's function and gain valuable context, without requiring specialized domain knowledge.

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Real time monitoring

Monitoring the application in real time lets us detect any issues just as they happen, and alert so it can be acted upon before customers need to tell you what is happening.

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Insights for everyone

By looking at the application data and understanding it, Neblic is able to level up any developer to troubleshoot issues on any service, even if they don't have domain expertise in it.

Troubleshooting with application data

Why Neblic Application Data Observability?

Answering the questions that your APM stack just can't

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What happened?

By monitoring actual application data in real time, you can get precise understanding of what the issue is, and go back in time to where it started.

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Where it happened?

Deploy Samplers in Points of Interest in your application, and track down the source of the issues.

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Why it happened?

What events made it fail? an unexpected null value?  a change of schema? Easily track it down.

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Unified Data Control

Single point of authentication to all of your services. Query the data using a unified interface, regardless of what the underlying system is.

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3rd Party API tracking

3rd party applications no longer need to be a mistery. Monitor and track the data they send at point of ingest.

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All Architectures types

Data streaming, event based, request/response, Microservices, different architectures or all combined in a single app. One unique way to observe them all.

Start debugging like never before