Find the hard bugs hiding in the data

Catch the errors and bugs in event-driven applications by monitoring the data in real-time and find the issues that traditional observability doesn’t.

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Some errors are only visible through application data

Deliver your SLAs and SLOs

Bugs mean your customers can't achieve what they expect, every moment that it happens is costly.

Deliver your roadmap

Every moment a developer is thinking about a bug, they're not thinking about roadmap tickets.

Collaborate on debugging

Complex bugs often require team collaboration. Having a unified interface for data 10x the experience.


The answer to complex bugs hides in the data

Logs, traces, and metrics can’t capture true nuance of bugs and errors. We capture the data inputs, outputs and in-transit values so that you can effectively answer those questions.

Business logic validation through data

Validate incoming, in transit, and outgoing data from external and internal sources. Validate data values, their format, and even perform complex business logic validation using custom functions. 

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Value Stats

Understand trends and anomalies through value stats

Your data is analyzed locally so it doesn’t need to leave your infrastructure. We monitor data at a field level. We measure the data in different dimensions based on what each field actually is. Cardinality, length distribution, min-max-avg, nulls and many other data measures that are relevant for your application and understanding how it’s performing.


All the data is kept private in your infrastructure, only the summaries and telemetry with the measures are sent to Neblic.

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Automated application documentation

We provide useful, self-updating documentation of your application as a way for your teams to get context on how components interact with each other, what data is processed in each component, and how that’s changed over time.

Data Structure

Visualize the schema, the field types.

Field presence

Monitor how each field has been present over time and know when new fields appear.

Component Relations Map

Understand how components interact with each other by viewing which components share data between them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is private data managed?

Neblic has been built with privacy and compliance in mind. Raw data and events are processed locally in your premises, where validation checks and measures are generated and only those are sent to the cloud.

Vendor Neutral Monitoring

Neblic's built on top of OpenTelemetry, extending its functionality to capture and process the data payload of each message. Neblic's samplers and collectors code is open source and you wouldn't need to rip and replace if you moved your data observability stack to other vendors.

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